At the moment, this is just a pet project so it’s really informal. If you’d like to contribute something to mpltools, just send me a pull request on github.


Things I’d like to add:

  • Infrastructure to build examples into documentation (like scikits-image auto-examples).
  • Add more styles based on journals.
  • A way to support matplotlibrc-style config files. Currently mpltoolsrc and mplstyle files are parsed using ConfigObj, which requires a different syntax than matplotlibrc files. This isn’t a difficult task, but at the moment, I don’t really care enough to do it.
  • Tests!

Coding guidelines

Any code you submit should follow the PEP 8 guidelines and the Numpy Documentation Standard as much as possible.

Building the documentation

The documentation is built using Sphinx. To build the docs, run the following in a terminal:

$ cd /path/to/mpltools/doc
$ make html

That’s it. Sometimes you may need to clean out the cruft that builds up when source files are deleted. To clean everything out just run:

$ make clean

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