About me

I'm currently a software developer at athenaHealth, but my background (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) is in mechanical engineering. I'm a core developer for scikit-image, the author of mpltools and pypath-magic, and a contributor to Matplotlib.

As a graduate student, I spent a lot of time developing software in Python for data analysis, image processing, numerical simulation, and visualization. Eventually, I decided that I didn't like publishing, so I left the ivory tower of academia and focused on what I liked most: data analysis and visualization. As a result, I made a fairly easy transition to Enthought, Inc., where I put my Python expertise and scientific programming experience to good use.

After that, I decided to abandon science altogether and work as a software developer at athenaHealth. Unfortunately, Python is no longer part of my day job, but I still play around with it when I have an excuse.

Contact Info

Tony S. Yu, Ph.D.