I come from a background in scientific research, so most of my open source contributions are related to data analysis and visualization in Python. That said, my day job is no longer science and uses Perl, Javascript, and C#; maybe I'll start having a bit more variety in the near future.

Personal projects

  • pypath-magic: An IPython magic function, that turned into a command-line utility, for manipulating your Python path. (CLI | IPython-magic | github).
  • matplotlib-style-gallery: A simple gallery for viewing and comparing matplotlib style sheets (static gallery | github).
  • mpltools: A collection of tools for working with matplotlib that I developed during my Ph.D. and postdoc. I don't actively develop it anymore, but I keep it around for posterity. The most interesting bits are a subpackage for manipulating visual styles (which was integrated into and the plot2rst Sphinx extension, which I used for creating examples in scikit-image. (docs | gallery | github).


  • scikit-image tutorial at SciPy 2014. (video | notebooks)
  • Lightening talk for scikit-image viewer at SciPy 2013. (video | code)


I've contributed to a number of open-source packages---particularly packages in the scientific Python stack. Most of those contributions were bug fixes or examples. A few of the more notable contributions are listed below.


Technically, I'm a core developer on the scikit-image project, but I haven't contributed anything substantial recently because I don't do much image processing these days.

  • skimage.viewer package for interactive image processing and analysis using Qt (demo | PR).
  • label2rgb function for turning labeled images to false-color overlays (really useful for displaying segmentation results) (demo | PR).
  • Improvements to scikit-image gallery allowing plots to be easily embedded in the documentation (gallery | PR).
  • Morphological reconstruction function (demo | PR).
  • Otsu thresholding function (demo | commit).


  • package for easily switching between style sheets in matplotlib (demo | PR).
  • streamplot method/function for plotting streamlines (demo | PR).
  • LassoSelector for interactive data selection (demo | PR).